Hey, it’s Randal, and thanks for checking in. At Cadence, I produce documents that help my clients establish authority in medtech, biotech, and service industries. For website copy, case studies, and high-stakes grant proposals, I assemble words for you that mean business. 

Each storyline I assemble begins with a rigorous research process. As your story and brand take shape, we add keywords here, subtract a couple syllables there, and deliver concision, clarity and cadence: a story needs rhythm if it’s going to stick, and I deliver deliver value to my clients via great stories.   

Each storyline reflects: 

  • the research skills of a Ph.D.,
  • the discipline of a college dean, and
  • the verve and wit of a rocknroller.

I’m also an award-winning author.

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On a break from copywriting, signing copies of my book for my modest, passionate fan base. (Image: Gil Warguez.)

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I taught courses in sociology for 10 years, worked as an academic dean for 11 more, and then I joined a band. I also studied marketing and worked in PR. I draw on these experiences to understand your market niche and your clients’ needs, and I deliver results-oriented stories to ensure the growth of your business.
my book
Stealing recounts how The Clash fell in love with America, and how America loved them back.


Let’s make good things happen together.

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Cadence (kā’-dən(t)s): a rhythmic flow of a sequence of sounds or words. Hence, our logo, which spells “rhythm” in Morse code:logo translation -- sept 2018Method. It’s all about research and rhythm–and Google rankings, of course. For your project, we kick things off with the discovery phase, and I get to know you and the magic behind your products and services. Then I check out what your competitors are up to, so that I can capture your unique position in the marketplace accurately, enthusiastically, and attuned to all that SEO wonkiness. I also listen to the recording of our discovery phase chat while walking my dog and driving to meetings, so that I’m able to use your voice to tell your story in a way that resonates with your ideal clients–and make it rhythmically compelling, of course. Your story, your voice, with character and clarity: that’s how I help you turn prospects into clients.


Customers on Cadence

Brilliant and insightful, Randal can illuminate the sense and meaning of any content. I worked with Randal for more than 10 years both as his colleague and as his supervisor and had the pleasure of reading and using the many outstanding written reports and projects he completed for our office. He was our ‘go to’ writer, editor, and content developer, and we were always thrilled when he was responsible for a project because we knew he would complete it on time and with his own special spark of genius. The consummate professional, Randal never missed a deadline or produced anything less than the excellent work he is known for. He brought wit and humor to everything he did and is was an absolute delight to work with. I highly recommend Randal to anyone seeking a writer or wordsmith for any type of project.

For starters, here are 3 keywords to describe Randal: insightful, effective, and efficient.

I hired Randal to rewrite copy on my website. After he did such an amazing job capturing my voice, I added my professional bio page to the project, too.

In the discovery phase, Randal asked a host of smart questions and, a few days later, we reviewed in real time on google docs a variety of mission statements and taglines, and he incorporated my suggestions as we spoke. He was also able to deliver the work a day early so I could review it with one of my mentors. My mentor and I both love it as delivered: it’s great as a sales funnel, and it captures my voice and my sensibility, too.

I look forward to working with Randal again on future projects. If you need help with your web copy, talk to Randal.

Randal has helped me with proof-reading my writing, and more importantly, editing it for clarity and cohesiveness. Randal has a great aptitude for understanding his client’s needs, and quickly and efficiently turning around a piece of writing. His suggestions are mostly right-on and timely. I would highly recommend him as a reliant professional that can ensure that you translate you ideas and vision and put them out there with confidence.

Randal’s done a great job on two fronts for my shop: first, he devised a program for us to provide more value for our steady clientele during the winter and to motivate them to shop here year-round (rather than at online bike shops). He also did a bang-up job on our website, and really captured the ethos of the shop with our new tagline: ‘We keep you pedaling, safe and sound and smiling.’