Save the watershed, make millions: odd Friday musings

Spring arrived late this year in Northeast Ohio, and — as every upstanding, lawn-mowing citizen knows — we’re now in dandelion season. First: hats off to the dandelion, which has arguably the best reproductive design on Earth. Still, they do wreak havoc on the lawn, taking up undue measures of soil and sun where grassContinue reading “Save the watershed, make millions: odd Friday musings”

Share your work–v. 2: Insivia

Happy Friday! Here in NEOhio, the consensus is certainly that the novelty of this winter is over. See you in two weeks, spring! We miss you! As I noted last week, I’m a fan of Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work, so I’ll do a bit of that here, now and again. Today’s quick entry is on Insivia,Continue reading “Share your work–v. 2: Insivia”