The Bulwark: the Cadence edit

Countdown, from the Bulwark — the Cadence edit. Not much work to do here beyond a bit of polish and some clarity through specificity / @sykescharlie @bulwarkonline

JED Newsletter: the Cadence edit

JED Foundation / With 20 years in the academy, I learned a few things about the well-being of college students. It’s complicated — and a growing market. The challenge: tighten the copy, and add clarity, concision and cadence / @ jcros

The First Step to Leadership? Learn to Follow

College kids and recent baccalaureates receive the same advice (with variations): Follow your passion! Get involved! Join a club / nonprofit board! It’s fine advice, but let’s make it better. For first-year students and recent graduates: it’s more important to join a student organization or a nonprofit board that’s high functioning than one that reflectsContinue reading “The First Step to Leadership? Learn to Follow”