Your website is your company’s virtual PR gal, at her desk 24/7, explaining what you do and why your prospects should care. Your site should also provide the social proof necessary to get your prospects to overcome their objections and act today.

Does your current site:

  • Know the mindsets of your prospects (from problem aware to ready for action)?
  • Give your prospects what they need (from education to reassurance)?
  • Provide social proof in language they understand (thought leadership, branding)?
  • Inspire your prospects to act today (CTAs that help you help them)?

What if your virtual PR gal could more effectively pre-sell one, two, or even five new prospects a month?

Let’s make sure your site meets the expectations of your prospects.


Website Copy Packages

What’s the best way to tell your company’s story?

Do your offers include a single device, a family of services, or a double-LP’s worth of products and services?

Each of our packages includes our deep-dive discovery phase, along with three stages of deliverables, including:

  • Core copy + 1: we take this extra step to ensure that we’re in sync, by reviewing with you a draft of mission and vision statements, taglines and About copy, ahead of the draft of all copy.

Package #1: The Extended Play: $2,250
You and your team are ready to grow your fan base for your signature service or device. You’re effectively doing one thing, and doing it brilliantly, so let’s keep the scale simple and lean. Together we’ll put together toe-tapping copy that grabs hold of your prospects’ attention and keeps them bouncing along the buyer’s journey.

  • Final deliverable: Core copy + Home + About + 2-3 more pages

#2: The Proof-of-concept Album: $2,750
You and your team have already done a few tours around the dance floor. You have a growing list of offers for your clients, and you’re ready for your story to take hold like a good ear worm in the minds of your prospects.

  • Final deliverable: Core copy + Home + About + 4-6 more pages

#3: The Double LP: $3,525
Our most elaborate package fits the needs of two different types of companies:

  • a company with a range of offers, and
  • a start-up company that needs to hedge their bets.

This package includes a more rigorous discovery process, brand-tailored social media profiles for key team members, and a copy pivot guarantee (good for 3 years from copy launch date): if you pivot in terms of disease target or signature product development, we’ll update your copy for free.

To get things started, press  video-play-32.