We produce documents that help boost our clients authority and, in turn, grow their email lists and turn prospects into clients. With a new white paper or ghost-written op-ed, you can provide the social proof necessary for your clients to set aside their objections and click “yes.” We do full website design and branding work, too, with small businesses, start-ups, and folks in biotech and healthcare.

The price per package depends upon the depth of the discovery process and analysis of the data available. Let’s first find out where you are and what’s motivating your desire for change right now, and see if we’re a good fit. 


Session work: White papers and ghostwritten op-eds.

The long player: web copy (up to eight pages).

The double LP: website deluxe.

If you want to get a low-cost sample of our work, let’s start here:  

  • The album review: website audit for design, copy, and search-engine optimization. 

Press play to get things started.