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Your brand in your words: Sharing value to establish authority

Q: Is there anything sacred in the attention economy?
You: My e-mail list is, since no algorithm can disable it. So I’m making the most of it. 

Excellent. You understand that your newsletter has the power to:

  • keep your brand top of mind with your past, current, and future clients
  • deliver plenty of value to a range of clients in one tidy package
  • persuade those clients to serve as your advocates (i.e., share your newsletter with friends and colleagues)
  • position yourself as an expert, and engage other experts in your niche
  • articulate your brand and what it represents
  • provide a gentle, indirect reminder to clients to book a time now to discuss the next opportunity to work with you. (Hint: in a few months, it might be a few months.)

Is there another element in your marketing mix that delivers so much value to you and your clients?

Go ahead. I’ll wait …

You may have concerns, though, about the ROI of your newsletter. It takes time to write. Sometimes, a lot of time. Whether it’s been a few months or much longer, the writing process can be a real slog.

(Interlude: While I bring Usain-Bolt-like dedication to every project, I also really enjoy having a laugh with my clients. Can we share one now, even if it’s a little dark? Sales-funnel logic indicates that the set-up above should lead into the following line: “Writing can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.” That’s tidy, but it reminds me of one of my favorite rules for writing: avoid clichés like the plague.)

“Writing is easy,” sportswriter Red Smith said. “You just open a vein and bleed.” Understand that Smith strung hundreds of words together daily, brilliantly, with a dash of hyperbole, for decades.

Writing can be difficult, but it’s also so much fun.

The right tools help. So do good strategies. The right coach can, too.

The growth mindset of a coachable species

We humans have a near monopoly on collective knowledge. Our instincts beyond love, fear, and fisticuffs often provide us with little guidance. Luckily, we’re coachable. Like poor Brad in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, we have big brains, and we can learn from the guidance (and mistakes) of others — including the utter recklessness of pissing off Jules (as played by Samuel Jackson).

As far as I can tell, none of us is born a writer. For years, I occupied the first stage of becoming a good writer: an aspiring writer — nay, a poor writer. With the help of good mentors and plenty of good reading, I got better. Award-winning better. To paraphrase growth-mindset-guru Carol Dweck, it’s not about talent. It’s about patience and determination.

Test your writing now

In my editing process, AI has its place. It’s a narrow, well-defined place, but a place nonetheless. It can’t take the place of a rigorous editorial eye, and certainly not my editorial ear. But it can give you a quick insight into the readability of your newsletter. If is new to you, take a minute to check it out:

  1. Copy the body text of one of your newsletters and go to the site.
  2. Select all the text at and paste in your copy.
  3. Check the metrics on the right. If you received a readability score of grade 7 or lower, nicely done. You’re likely in good shape. If you’re at grade 8 or higher, especially grade 11 or higher, let’s talk. (In case it’s helpful: this page scores a grade 5.)

Let’s work together

By this point, I figure you’ve read some of my work, reviewed my newsletter editing challenge, and looked over my case studies. You like what I do, and you understand that — when it comes to content — quality matters. (As you shop around, know this point for sure: your writing coach is only as good as their best writing sample.)

Now, based on your readability score above, you might need just a nudge from me to get you on your way. Or it might take a few nudges, some compassionate cajoling, and the rare bit of side eye. Whatever it takes, with whichever package you choose, you’re going to get:

  • same-day sharper copy
  • plenty of encouragement, along with plenty of shared laughter, and
  • instructions for how to make your copy sing.

As you can see, I’m a music nutter, and I’m a big fan of musical metaphors.

Writing coach packages

#1: The Roadie

For this four-week tour, I make certain everything is tuned properly for your adoring fans.

With any relationship, it can be good to start slowly, so let’s get a month together to see how things feel. At your (virtual) side, I’ll help you sharpen the clarity, concision, and cadence of your writing, in order to help build your authority and expand your audience.

During our time together, you’ll get:

  • edits and suggestions on four of your newsletters
  • four zoom sessions, up to 45 minutes each, to review those suggestions and the principles behind them, and
  • timely between-session support via email.

Sometimes all you need is a bit of fine tuning.

Ticket price — $825
Click video-play-32 to act now.

#2: The Accompanist

You’re the singer, and it’s your show. I’m the help, at the piano, and I’m here to ensure your next batch of compositions provides your fans with toe-tapping delight.

You know your niche. You deliver essay after essay with modest effort. You understand, though, that quality content is queen — or king. You need a second set of eyes (and ears) to help sharpen your writing. You want to work on your method, too, because you know it’s important to enjoy the process and the production.

Our sessions will focus on clarity, concision, and cadence, and the division of labor between your editorial eye, your editorial ear, and your AI editor.

During our sessions together, you’ll get:

  • edits and detailed suggestions on seven of your newsletters (over four to six weeks)
  • seven zoom sessions (50 minutes) to review those suggestions, discuss the principles behind them, and ensure your headlines and subheads are sharp, sweet, and SEO smart
  • timely between-session support via email and phone, and
  • worksheets and writing prompts tailored to your needs.

Hire me as the accompanist to help bolster your brand, build your authority, and grow your audience.

Ticket price — $1,225.
Click video-play-32 to act now.

#3: The Arranger

It can take more than an accompanist to help you with your thinking and your process, and to provide you with the steady compassion and accountability you need to succeed. You’re looking for someone to dig in deep with you in the creative process, and to help give shape to your voice and your method. At a leisurely pace, in the role of arranger, I help you enjoy the work more and use your time more effectively, so that you deliver the diligence and insight your audience has come to expect.

With this package, you get the full benefits of working with a veteran educator, a former academic dean, and an award-winning rocknroll writer. We begin, of course, with your voice. Which writers in your space do you admire? What are your favorite features of your written voice? What else would you like it to do — and why? Once we have identified the key strengths in your work, we’ll sharpen other features of your voice, and outline the best ways you can serve your readers. Who is your audience? How do they find you? What do they need you to deliver?

Likewise, we analyze your method for writing, in order to ensure that you are not building frustration into the writing process. That mistake provides even more psychic fodder for your inner critic. (It happens all too often, I’m afraid.) Early on, we devise a method together to ensure that you set reasonable goals — and stick to ‘em — over the course of our three-month collaboration.

Here’s exactly what you get with my top-tier package:

  • editorial feedback on 14 pieces of writing
  • real-time review of your work via Zoom (14 sessions, up to 50 minutes each — a $2,100 value)
  • timely between-session support via email and phone, and
  • worksheets and writing prompts tailored to your needs.

Hire me to help you get the proper arrangements in place, so that you develop a writing habit that keeps you happy. That happiness will show up in your writing, and you’ll deliver even more value to your audience than ever before.

Ticket price — $2,175
Click video-play-32 to get started.

What do you want your voice and your newsletter to achieve this year?

To learn more about my background as a writer and educator, click here.

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