New web copy: Toth Marketing

TOTh Mktg. is a top-notch marketing agency on the westside of Cleveland. Jason Toth brought me onboard for a close review of the website’s text and a UI/UX analysis.

This project kicked off with the discovery phase: Jason Toth and I spoke for a couple of hours about the principles that inform Toth Mktg. and their approach to screening clients, selecting clients, and working with clients–and Jason and his team work assiduously on behalf of their clients. I copied the audio track from zoom to my phone, and listened to it while I walked my dog, washed the dishes, and drove around Cleveland. That process allowed me to focus in on certain sections of the interview transcript, and to bring those principles to bear upon the deliverables, which included:

  • a full copyedit of the web site;
  • UI/UX analysis;
  • a new mission statement:
    • “To use science and creativity to produce great stuff and results for our clients, so that they can deliver great services and products for their clients and make the future a little more awesome.”
  • an updated tagline:
    • Original: “The Scientific Method + Marketing = Kick Ass Results”
    • New: “Science + Creativity = Kick-Ass Results”; and
  • a core values page.

One day, while driving around Cleveland and listening to the recording, I had an a-ha moment regarding how Jason presents Toth Mktg. on panel presentations, and added in an outline for a five-minute panel address to the deliverables as a bonus.

mantovaniOn the wordsmithing end of the project: my duties entailed sharpening any fuzzy edges of brand integrity: the Toth Mktg. brand is mutually exclusive from the soft-focus quality of select album covers from the Mantovani era. The Toth team is compassionate and funny, and are much adored by their clients. They’re also logically scientific, and I wanted the copy to be equally on point.

I’ve included one pair of before-and-after panels below. You can find the whole site @


atomic structure -- b4


atomic structure -- now




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