Stealing All Transmissions: A Secret History of The Clash  (PM Press) tells the story of how the rock band The Clash fell in love with America, and how America loved them back. The romance began in full in 1977, when a handful of American rock journalists and deejays aided the band’s quest to depose the rock of indolence that dominated American airwaves. This story about The Clash and their allies in print and on the airwaves culminates with their September 1979 performance at the Palladium in New York City, which concluded with Paul Simonon treating his Fender bass like a woodcutter’s ax. The story includes a range of characters, from Alan Freed to Hilary Rodham. 


  • Independent Publisher Book Award (“IPPY”)
  • Best-music-books-of-the-year list of Los Angeles Magazine
  • Mark Perryman (Huffington Post UK): one of the best books of the year.

One of my favorite accolades came from John Koenig: “a great music book causes your toes to tap. Author Randal Doane brings sweat to my head with his words. As Hemingway said, this is the ‘true gen’ [the real thing].” 

You can find an excerpt from the book here, and it’s available at major bookstores and PM Press.

Why you should care:

  • Stealing serves as a metric of my style (rocknroll), my skill set (Ph.D.-level research), and my diligence (11 years as a dean at Oberlin College).

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I’m presently at work on a book on some of the lessons I’ve learned in my first year as an entrepreneur. More information on that project in winter 2019.

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