A sampler dish: examples of words in stacks of paragraphs, including my first essay for Harper’s. Please find a more up-to-date version of my portfolio at Contently.

Article — Enzyme Protects Heart Against Stress

In this mock-up, I have added a new title, new subheads, and heavily edited copy. The original article is available here. This edit maintains the length of the original piece, but trims the words-per-sentence count by nearly 10 percent. I believe my edit improves the clarity and overall cadence of the piece, too.  

New copy for the Toth Marketing website

TOTh Mktg. is a top-notch marketing agency on the westside of Cleveland. Jason Toth brought me onboard for a close review of the website’s text and a UI/UX analysis. This project kicked off with the discovery phase: Jason Toth and I spoke for a couple of hours about the principles that inform Toth Mktg. and… Read More

Oberlin Community Magazine, 2018-19

For the latest issue, I wrote original copy for each section of the magazine, and I edited copy submitted by shop owners, nonprofit leaders, and city officials. Below, I’ve included the opening essay and the introductory note for the food section.    

Op-ed pieces: the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

These opinion pieces were commissioned by clients, but neither was accepted for publication–which allows me to include them here. I wrote “Defend the Land and Water” in spring 2018, when the Trump administration considered slashing the funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative by 90%. I wrote “A Reaganesque Opportunity for Trump” in spring 2018,… Read More

Web copy, J2H Consulting

Jennifer hired me ahead of an upcoming launch, and here’s some of the work I did for her website. Jennifer and I had a great time working together. First we chatted over lunch. Then, after she submitted her discovery survey, we talked via zoom.us about her responses and my angle to capture her voice. Jennifer’s a… Read More

My recent essay in Harper’s
Dignified and Old: Notes on aging, memory, and fandom” conveys my love for music, my ability to construct arguments and, with any luck, my sense of humor.