A sampler dish: examples of web copy with branding, editing, and my recent essay at Harper’s. This page displays four samples, and you can find the other four via the navigation buttons beneath each example.

Article — Enzyme Protects Heart Against Stress (Mock-up)

In this mock-up, I have added a new title, new subheads, and heavily edited copy. The original article is available here. This edit maintains the length of the original piece, but trims the words-per-sentence count by nearly 10 percent. I believe my edit improves the clarity and overall cadence of the piece, too.  

Article on Tours of Cleveland

I’m a big fan of Cleveland, and Scott offers an excellent tour, so I was happy to write this piece. Click here to see the whole article.

Copy for the Cleveland Water Alliance

I’ve worked on a range of projects for the Cleveland Water Alliance. Here, I include prose from the Erie Hack website that indicates my contribution to the branding of the blue economy. (It’s now on their landing page.) Page two, which is an excerpt from a grant request that netted $250,000, provides a taste of… Read More

Moen Guide to Interior Styles (Mock-up)

In this mock-up, I have inserted a new title, photo caption, subheads, copy, and a call to action. The original guide is available here. This version trims the copy by 20%, and my sentences are significantly shorter, too. (I like brevity, but it’s not my sole priority.) The reading ease metrics effectively stayed the same… Read More

Copyediting and line editing
Two examples here. Before on the left. After on the right.

My recent essay in Harper’s
Dignified and Old: Notes on aging, memory, and fandom” conveys my love for music, my ability to construct arguments and, with any luck, my sense of humor.