Lab Notes #6: On Super Pests and the Uncluttered Mind

Need a good answer? If the question has to do with two of the most lethal fungi and viral outbreaks in the past 30 years, your response should be, “Between 500 and 600. For now.” Here’s another quick set of questions and answers from recent healthcare news: How did modern medicine give birth to killer… Read More

Lab Notes #5: On the Causes and Costs of Stress, along with the Hazards of Humans’ Best Friend

A short stack of questions and answers from recent healthcare news: What are the costs associated with stress about money?  What are the downfalls of dogwalking while aging? This time last year, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a study about the impact of the 2008 recession on blood pressure levels and… Read More

Lab Notes: On Celery Juice, Cancer, and the Renaissance of Measles

More musings from this week’s news in healthcare: Is celery juice a gateway food? How are you celebrating colorectal cancer awareness month? What are the politics of measles? ICYMI: There’s a new food pusher on the block, and it’s “Medical Medium” Anthony William. Celebs dig his celery-juice sermons (see Debra Messing, Robert DeNiro and Pharrell… Read More

Lab Notes: On Cigarettes, Alcohol, and the Virtues of Filthy Living

Musings from this week’s news in healthcare: So you’re down to 11 cigarettes a month. Are congratulations in order? Plus you dropped your food on the floor. Is the five-second rule scientifically sound? And you’re thinking about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday. Did you ask your liver’s permission? Not so fast, Marlboro man. A recent… Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day, punk-y rock style

Happy St. Valentine’s Day, punks and rude boys and rude girls alike! Now most punks circa ’77 steered clear of the sentiment of love. The Pistols’ Steve Jones indicated that the priority wasn’t music, but “chaos.” The Clash and The Ramones followed suit, foregoing love songs for tales about boots and boredom, brats and baseball… Read More