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Whether it’s your frontier-edge science, or your newsletter for your next business venture, let’s shape your story in language that’s clear, concise, and persuasive as hell.

When you first got started, you knew that if you could transfer your hunch into science, that you and your team could improve the lives of thousands, maybe millions of people. A few years later, your lab work confirms that your hunch was spot on. Your cutting-edge research has produced a few articles and you have a few more in the queue. Nicely done! And now, with more success comes more responsibility.

One NIH deadline you’ve been watching just passed, and the next one’s coming up fast. You know it’s going to take 50, 80, maybe 120 hours to assemble a winning R01 or SBIR proposal. And not hours between 11pm and 3am. You need seriously productive hours, for the assembly of nearly 300 pages of well-written materials.

Can you find the time and the head space to describe your life’s work in language that’s clear, concise, and compelling? Can you really afford to go it alone?

Your research project is amazing, and your story deserves — nay needs to be told with a level of brilliance commensurate with the project itself, especially if you’re going to win big at the NIH. I suspect I don’t need to tell you that a win at the NIH can make all the difference.

So, what would it be like to have a member on your team dedicated to this particular task?

The right partner, with the right tools for the job

Three things inspired me to get a Ph.D.:

  1. My love of reading, thinking, and writing.
  2. My love of teaching.
  3. My certainty that the academy was the best refuge for people who didn’t like sales.

And, oh boy: when I was young, I didn’t like sales, mainly because I had been traumatized by a vacuum. For three weeks in July, while I was still in high school, I sold Kirby vacuum cleaners — or, well, I tried. And didn’t. That experience stuck with me. The preying on residents in low-income neighborhoods. The weird affect. The sociopathic Glengarry-Glen-Ross ethos of always be closing. It just wasn’t in me.

Years later, I earned my Ph.D. (CUNY Graduate Center, sociology), and I taught courses at NYU, Case Western, and Oberlin College, where I became a dean of studies and well-versed in the arts of persuasion. For 11 years, I persuaded hundreds of students to let go of the little things, to think strategically, and to graduate. In my first six years at Oberlin, our office helped drive the six-year graduation rate from 81% to 88% — the college’s highest figure to date. In 2017, I decided to transfer my interest in research, writing, and producing solutions to the world of copywriting and project management. Since then, I’ve kept my skills sharp via courses in marketing in the MBA program at Cleveland State University, the Copywriter Club Accelerator Program, science courses in Harvard University’s EdX program.

Your NIH proposal, as described in the hundreds of pages of NIH documentation, needs to answer dozens of questions. To begin, though, let’s think of your proposal as a pitch deck. Like a pitch deck, it needs to identify the problem, contextualize the problem, and offer your science as the solution. It also need to embrace some of the key concepts of persuasive copywriting: anticipate (and address) the desires, pain points and objections of the program manager and selection committee.

Your story also needs to position your work as the leading solution.

My commitment to you

As an active member of your team, I work closely with you to understand the complexity of your research, your product, and its potential impact in healthcare. And then I tell that story, in all its complexity, in a simple, persuasive way. My skills as a storyteller help ensure that the reviewers at NIH understand your research strategy, your commercialization plan, and how your work is going to reduce suffering, save lives, or both.

And I’m serious about the “team” part.

When you sign up for my signature package, you get me exclusively. I’m not on the down-low with another CEO.

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No way. I’m a one-lab guy. One application per PA (or FOA).
No exceptions.

Your move

There are a couple different ways for us to join forces.

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I look forward to learning more about you and your work.

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