STEM education as equity

The 511 / December 9, 2020

For information in the 20th century, we called 411. The 511 includes: 

  • a handful of paragraphs about health tech or some other science-y thing
  • 1 sentence for reflection (and maybe a laugh), and 
  • 1 track I’ve currently got in heavy rotation.

A different mode of enrollment

Welcome to the 15 people who started following my blog since Thanksgiving.

I’m doing something a bit shorter than usual, as I have an essay on this topic under review. So, here’s the question, the key conditions, and one way to pilot a solution:

The question

With the normalization of online education, can we forge new solutions that simultaneously address:

  • racialized health inequities in the US, and
  • STEM prep for college-bound kids from underrepresented groups?
Key conditions
Ideas for a pilot program
  • Pay promising students from underrepresented groups to enroll in an eight-week hybrid summer course in CHEM after their first year of high school.
  • Apply economies of scale to develop a top-flight online lecture component for the course.
  • Employ graduate students or med students as teaching assistants in well-equipped labs for small groups.
  • Boost retention of the material by periodically priming the students during the school year.
  • Students who pass with a B- or better remain eligible to return for the next summer course in BIOL.
  • The following year, the students have the option to enroll in a college-prep MATH course.

The money is there. Is the will? Let’s see. I hope that, in just a few days, I’ll be posting a link to the essay at the top of this post.

5(1)1 — On leadership and the power of a good story

“Mobilizing others to achieve purpose under conditions of uncertainty — what leaders do — challenges the hands, the head, and the heart.”

marshall ganz, from
Public Narrative, Collective Action, and Power
51(1) — In rotation: The Go-Go’s’ “Club Zero”

Club Zero” is a welcome blast from my past, courtesy of the algorithms of Spotify, with a much punkier feel than anything the Go-Go’s landed in rotation on commercial radio back in the day.

The first single from the Go-Go’s in 19 years. Cool.

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