“Off the Ruling Class”: A Preview of my 10/22 Talk at CPL

Not the 511

So today’s a bit different: I’m using this blog entry to preview a talk I’m giving on 10/22.

Sign up here today to reserve your spot on 10/22 (reservation required).

The talk is based on an essay I wrote for Harper’s back in April, but expands its review of the three key elements of any given crime: motive, ability, and opportunity. In the 5-minute video below, I offer a sneak peek of the talk, with a review of an open letter, sent that fall, to campus newspapers at American colleges and universities by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.

And yes, I have progressive lenses, which is why I hold my head at that weird angle. (Sorry for the couple of spots where the audio dips slightly.)

If you view the video via full screen, you can read the text pretty easily.

51(1) — In rotation: The Ramones’ “You Sound Like You’re Sick”

Ramones devotees celebrate the earliest LPs as the best, but I do have a soft spot for a bunch of tunes on this Phil-Spector-produced LP.

Here ya go. I hope you, of course, are in perfect health.

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Open letter by J. Edgar Hoover (from the Nixon Library).


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