Poetry for your health: Billy Collins, v. 2

It seems as if most of us are getting the hang of the new order of things here in NEOhio. It’s a weird rhythm, though, with grocery shopping especially. I take the family list, rewrite it to ensure I’m moving from the produce, through dairy, and hitting only the necessary aisles. No backtracking, of course. Some of my fellow shoppers seem all too casual about this stuff.

As I noted in last week’s post: I figure you’re already on a steady diet of health-related news, so I decided to switch things up a bit here. For the near future, I’ll do a short video weekly with a brief update on non-Corona matters. Our rock’n’roll idols set the standard as three-minute heroes, I’ll gauge my aspirations to two (maybe two and a half).

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe!


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