Happy Valentine’s Day, punk-y rock style

Happy St. Valentine’s Day, punks and rude boys and rude girls alike!

Now most punks circa ’77 steered clear of the sentiment of love. The Pistols’ Steve Jones indicated that the priority wasn’t music, but “chaos.” The Clash and The Ramones followed suit, foregoing love songs for tales about boots and boredom, brats and baseball bats.

punk rock valentine 2

Still, punks are humans, and humans are yearning machines, so sentiments such as lust, love, and desire made their way into the vinyl grooves of punks in the first wave, second wave, and after.

Here’s a 30-minute Valentine mix for your listening delight. The line-up includes some of the usual suspects–Gang of Four, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Slits–and a few surprises. Everyone included has a legitimate claim to the banner of punk. Should you disagree, I’ll see you tomorrow, at high noon, on twitter (@randaldoane). Kidding, of course! If punks hated anything more than sappy love songs, it was dogma.




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