CollegeNow: making the odds more favorable

It’s National Mentoring Month, and I really enjoyed attending yesterday’s MentorInCLE Connect event (a hashtagCollegeNow production). It’s a great opportunity for mentors and mentees to check-in face-to-face and to take stock of the impact of this program on regional college students. Yesterday Board Chairman Mark Ross (who hails from Mentor–ha!) reported that, for the first cohort of #CollegeNow mentees, their graduation rate is 72%!

I trust the good folks at #CollegeNow to provide good data–and that number is astounding. If you compare the greater population of Pell-eligible students, whose six-year graduation rate is 42%, that’s an amazing stat. Now, there are plenty of antecedent conditions beyond the mentor-mentee connection, but it’s certainly good news for these students and their families, as well as colleges and businesses in Northeast Ohio. Cleveland rocks indeed!

Keep up the good work CollegeNow! mentoring

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