Sharing my work, v. 6–Reebok

Happy Friday, folks!

This morning I attended an impressive talk by Dorie Clark, author of the 2017 Entrepreneurial You: wow, what a smartypants and so winning, too. A big thanks to J2H Consulting and all the members of NAWBO Cleveland for hosting such a great event.

I’m continuing my hot takes on mission statements and taglines for athletic apparel companies, and today it’s all about Reebok.


Reebok, which is a subsidiary of Adidas, sets itself off from its parent company with the modest “be more human.” (Adidas’ current tagline is “Impossible is Nothing.”) In an era characterized by humans as inseparable from their digital accessories (Bluetoothed phones, Fitbits, etc.), it’s an interesting move to emphasize our analog capacities, especially as it dovetails with their marketing campaign of female empowerment.  Recently, Reebok took impressive strides to walk the walk by hiring three new women to its executive team, which is now 50% female.

For Reebok, it’s all about fitness, too, except for their mission statement, which I think is a bit lazy at 38 words:

reebok motto

I wonder why the subhead indicates “always,” and then the statement indicates contingencies: “when we’ve had the courage”–or, not always. Likewise, why “a little differently,” in terms of their worldview? Even if Reebok targets a kindler, gentler market segment (compared to Adidas), the mission statement should be logical and concise.

How about:

Leading Through Creativity
At Reebok, we view the world differently, and our ongoing defiance of conventions takes shape in the delivery of creative products to a clientele dedicated to style and performance. (29 words)

Or, if “defiance” is too strong,

Always Challenge and Lead through Creativity
At Reebok, we view the world differently, and our ongoing tweaks to conventions take shape in the creative design and delivery of every product to a clientele dedicated to style and performance. (32 words)

Even if this mission statement is geared especially toward employees, they’re consumers, too, I figure.

Thanks for reading my words. Cheers!

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