My love for bikes

Hey there!

I’m taking a respite from writing about writing to writing about one of my favorite things in the world: bikes! I’m a nutter, and I have been since I went to school at UC Santa Barbara, when I bought my first road bike: a pearly white Windsor Pro from the mid-1970s, with a full build of Campagnolo Nuovo Record components. So smooth.

So, some of my favorite news of 2018 has to do with growing bikeshare options across the country–and overseas, too. With tariff wars looming, few predictions noted the tariff impact on the US market for bike computers, bearings, spokes, and bikeshare bikes in particular. (See It seems clear that component builders like Paul, White Industries, Chris King–NorCal represents!–are bound to suffer. I can find little news on this topic, though. If you have any insights on tariff impact on the bike industry, please be in touch. Thanks! 

Ready to roll responsibly.

Published by Randal Doane

Living the good life in NE Ohio. I dig science and the written word. Let's build something amazing together.

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