Save the watershed, make millions: odd Friday musings

Spring arrived late this year in Northeast Ohio, and — as every upstanding, lawn-mowing citizen knows — we’re now in dandelion season. First: hats off to the dandelion, which has arguably the best reproductive design on Earth. Still, they do wreak havoc on the lawn, taking up undue measures of soil and sun where grass might otherwise thrive.

Our family includes a Wheaton terrier, so we refrain from going all RoundUp on the posteriors of the dandelions–but the dog-and-dandelion combination got me thinking: if you could create a breed of dogs who eat dandelions, you could make millions, take a chunk out of Monsanto’s business (with the decrease in RoundUp purchases), and keep toxins out of your local watershed.

Sure, it sounds impossible, but the Russians effectively turned foxes into dogs in 60 years or so.

Russia’s Dimitri Belyaev’s first test subjects in the late 1950s were silver-black foxes (Zefram/CC by 2.0).

Let’s mark this idea as Creative Commons material. If you decide to run with it, please cite this post somewhere. Ha!

Have a great weekend!

Published by Randal Doane

Living the good life in NE Ohio. I dig science and the written word. Let's build something amazing together.

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