Good news / the matter of why and your mission

Hello, folks! I am delighted to report I’ve filed my taxes, and that I can return my full attention to my clients and their purposes. Such work led me to revisit Simon Sirek’s deservedly famous Ted Talk on starting with why.

(There are shorter versions out there, if you don’t have a spare 20 minutes today.)

It’s a good talk, and nearly 10 years old, so people have picked it apart a bit, which is what people do. There is, certainly, a key lesson given short shrift here (and is better articulated in his books): your organization’s mission needs to be client-centric. It needs to inspire your staff, yes, to work for more than a paycheck, but it also needs to inspire your clients to come aboard and stay aboard.

Speaking of clients: last week a client informed me that my work on a big grant application was instrumental in their securing a two-year grant worth $250K. That’s a whole lot of clams, and this organization will bake up those clams right, too, so I’m happy for both of us.

Happy spring!

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Living the good life in NE Ohio. I dig science and the written word. Let's build something amazing together.

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