Favorite prose, v. 2–Helen Macdonald

Thanks for spending part of your Friday (or after) at my blog. It’s been a good week on the business side of things, with a new agreement with an old client, an agreement with a new client, and a confirmation of matching funds matched for another client.

hawk HBusiness aside, I’m thinking about the written word, and Helen Macdonald’s remarkable H is for Hawk (2014), which was deservedly much beloved upon its release. My hardback copy has the ragged edge cut of the pages opposite the spine, so I love it all the more.

The story is, of course, about Ms. M.’s adoption of a goshawk, who she names Mabel, in part to manage her grief following her father’s death. Ms. M.’s capacity to freeze images in her memory and to translate those images into singing prose is rivaled perhaps only by her ability to dissemble as a human in order to see her world from Mabel’s point of view.  You’ll have to read H, though, to find those passages, as a paragraph on spiders inspired this post.


Sorry about the abrupt ending, but still: what a passage!




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