Share your work–v. 2: Insivia

Happy Friday! Here in NEOhio, the consensus is certainly that the novelty of this winter is over. See you in two weeks, spring! We miss you!

As I noted last week, I’m a fan of Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work, so I’ll do a bit of that here, now and again.


Today’s quick entry is on Insivia, a Cleveland-based company that addresses business challenges in sales, marketing, operations, and customer service. Their list of clients is impressive, and they do great work.

So here’s a short bit from a recent job posting:

Insivia is a fast growing interactive studio that thrives on passion, innovation and agility. We are a team of talented individuals who think strategically, work collaboratively and love taking on our clients’ marketing and technology challenges.

Here’s my first take:

At Insivia, we thrive on passion, agility and innovation. Our team thinks strategically, works collaboratively and loves to take on our clients’ challenges in marketing and technology.

And here’s my second take, in case Insivia is committed to “interactive studio”:

At Insivia, our interactive studio of talented creatives brings agility, passion and innovation to every challenge. We think strategically and work collaboratively to make the most of our clients’ opportunities in the digital marketplace.

Marketing copy and creative content are expected, of course, to take creative license with grammar guidelines. Still, teams usually include individuals, and one or both of those sentences cries out for an active verb.


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